What is the course for GDPR Staff eTraining?

Modules/Courses related to the GDPR training:

Seers GDPR Staff eTraining solution is an online, interactive, modular-based training course that enables organisations to train their staff under the GDPR and get certified. 

Seers Data Protection Online Training will teach you and your employees about personal and sensitive data, why they need to be protected, and how to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Our online GDPR compliance course comprises four basic modules. These modules are:

  1. Minimise – limit the amount of personal data held
  2. Anonymise – where appropriate, make it harder to identify an individual
  3. Secure – keep personal data safe and secure
  4. Delete – personal data should be deleted when it is no longer needed

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Each module in the GDPR eTraining further consists on four sections. These sections are: 

  1. Identify Personal Data

  2. Handling Personal Data

  3. Putting into Practice

  4. Final Assessment

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The first two sections in each module are based on an individual's understanding to minimise, anonymise, protect and delete the personal data.

The third section in each module is about practice and the last section comprises the final assessment of the trainee. 

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On successful completion of the course, you will receive the certificate.