Features of Cookie Consent

Your end to end guide for using Consent Management Platform

When you sign in you will land on the dashboard. The dashboard allows you to choose from a range of products. In order to use the Seers Consent Management Platform, please select ‘Consent Management Platform’ from the list of solutions.

Domain manager

  • Once you click on the ‘Consent Management Platform’, you will land on the ‘domain manager’ of this solution. 
  • In order to run your ‘cookie scan’ or begin using the Consent Management Platform, please click on the ‘add domain’ button.
  • You will have to enter the following information:
    • Add ‘domain name’
    • Pick a ‘scan frequency’
    • Enter ‘email’
  • Once satisfied with the information entered above, please click on the ‘save’ button.
  • Now you can track the scan results with the help of the following features below:
    • The ‘Scan status’ button can be used to check the progress of the scan.
    • ‘Report details’ can be used to see details of the scan for your website.
  • In order to make changes to the information added regarding your domain please choose:
    • The ‘Edit basics’ button can be used to edit details related to the domain.
    • Alternatively, if you wish to remove a domain you can choose the ‘delete domain’ button that can be used to delete the domain inside your domain manager.


  • You can also visit the ‘settings’ button to make changes to the settings and preferences of your selected domain


  • From the ‘features’ checkbox, you can select the ‘cookie banner’ and ‘cookie declaration table’ options.
  • You can use the ‘cookie policy & declaration URL’ button to provide the cookie policy URL for the cookie declaration table.
  • The ‘apply prior consent’ toggle button is used to block the cookies until your visitors accept.
  • The 'google consent mode' toggle button allows you to adjust how your google tags behave based on the consent status of your users.
  • The 'IAB' toggle button will allow you to switch on the IAB-Banner for advertisers, and it will show different banner styles.
  • The 'Child Privacy' toggle button will enable the Child Privacy mode, which will show layers of banners for age-appropriate child consent.
  • 'Facebook Pixel' Consent toggle will allow you to take consent from the users for the Facebook pixel services.
  • ‘Language auto regional detection’ is used to auto-detect the language based on geolocation.
  • ‘Select default language’ from the drop-down list is used to choose the default language. 
  • ‘Consent expiry (days)’ option is used to set the number of days after which Consent expires given by the end-user.


  • Select a ‘regulation’ or law that applies.  
  • Choose a ‘layout’ by clicking from a range of options according to your needs.
  • Select the ‘position’ where you want the banner to appear.
  • 'Show badge’ toggle button is used to show a badge to enable cookie banner view post consent
  • Use various options to choose colors to match your theme from the ‘palettes.’
  • You can also select the ‘font’ style, size, and button style.
  • Select ‘logo’ to add your company logo.

Banner content

  • Click on ‘"+" icon’ to add a language
  • Then choose an option for all of the following fields by using the option provided or adding your own text:
    • "I disagree" button title
    • "I agree" button title
    • "Preferences" button title 
    • Title
    • Body
  • Then choose a description for the different types of cookies either by using the option provided or adding your own description:
    • Cookies
    • Preference
    • Statistics
    • Marketing
    • Unclassified


  • Choose the type of integration whether you want to do it manually or through plugins
  • Alternatively, you can use the GTM to insert the script onto your website
  • You can copy the generated ID in the web builders plugins such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, as selected
  • When doing it manually, you will have to copy the code into your cookie policy URL to show your default cookie policy
  • The ‘script’ given in the ‘field’ can be copied simply from the ‘copy script’ button.
  • The ‘domain group ID’ is given in the text box. It can be used to integrate ‘Seers Consent Management Platform’ with any web platform.

Consent Management Platform

  • The ‘Consent Management Platform’ allows you to edit the cookie and third-party scripts as per your needs.
  • You can add/remove content related to the scripts here.

Consent log

  • The ‘consent log’ feature allows you to track the obtained consents, as well as the denied ones over a period of time.
  • This updates automatically once your script is active.

Consent log Limit

There is a different limit to ''Consent Log'' in every package. After the consent log limit reaches its maximum, the ''Cookie Banner'' will stop working on your website.

Below are the Consent Log limits allowed in different packages:

  • 300 Consent Logs in the Free Package
  • 5,000 Consent Logs in the Standard Package
  • 15,000 Consent Logs in the Pro Package
  • 50,000 Consent Logs in the Premium Package

Cookie policy

  • This section allows you to create a ‘cookie policy’ that can be placed on your website.
  • In order to do so, please use the prompts available and add any clause that you may feel is necessary.
  • Once done, a PDF will be generated that you can then place on your website to exhibit compliance with the relevant laws.

The Section of Tracking Manager consists of:

Script manager

  • The ‘script manager’ allows you to enable and disable other third-party scripts that are running on your website.
  • You may be able to edit them here as necessary.

Cookie Manager

‘’Discovered Cookies’’

You can see all the discovered cookies by the cookie scan of your website in this discovered cookies section. You can change the category, expiry, and type of cookie and add the cookie description for each cookie discovered.

‘’Self-Declared Cookies’’

You can add any self-declared cookies in this section that are not discovered by the crawler by putting the category, expiry, and type of cookie.


This Consent Management Platform ensures that you are compliant with data privacy regulations worldwide including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and PECR.