Troubleshoot Your Cookie Banner

Q: Why is my cookie banner not appearing/working? How to enable my cookie banner?

If your cookie banner is not appearing make it sure you follow steps instructions carefully. 

Step 1: Add the correct domain: 

Please check if you have added your domain correctly. See example here

Step 2: Check your Domain Scan: 

Check if your domain scan is completed. (For cookie list to appear in the banner settings)

Step 3: Enable 'Select Feature': 

Make it sure to enable your cookie banner from the ‘Select Feature’ in ‘Preference’ option. See the related video here

Step 4: Add the correct code: 

Make it sure to paste the correct code into your website's HTML head tag. For help see the related video here

Step 5: Check your Plugin

If you install a cookie banner from any plugin, make it sure the plugin in working properly. See the installation guide for each plugin on seers website.  

Your banner will be displayed.  

Step 6: Contact Seers: 

Sometimes the banner does not appear due to the conflicting errors with the scripts. For help contact: 

For step-by-step guidance on installing a cookie banner please see the related article here