Installing the Seers Cookie Consent Plugin on a WordPress site

How to install Seers Cookie Banner on a WordPress website

Step 1

  • Login to your WordPress site.


Step 2

In left ribbon:

  1. Click the "plugins" option.

  2. Then select the “add new” option from the sub-menu. 


Step 3

  • It will take you to the plugin homepage:

  • Click on the “search plugin” box.


Step 4

  1. Type "Seers cookie" in the search box.

    It will show you the option “Free GDPR & CCPA Cookie Consent | Seers” in the search result.

  2. Click on the "Install Now" button.


Step 5

  • It will show the plugin status as “installing” as highlighted in the box below.


Step 6

  • As it continues to install, an “activate” button will appear. Click on this button to activate it.


Step 7

  • At the top, a ribbon will appear “To activate your Seers cookie banner click on settings.” Click on the "settings" button.


Step 8

  • It will take you to settings for the Seers Consent Management Platform:

  1. Enter an email address.

  2. Enable the check box: “I agree on Seers terms & conditions and privacy policy”.

  3. Enable the check box: “I agree Seers to use my email and URL to create an account and power the cookie banner”.

  4. The “activate” button will be enabled. Then click on this button to activate the cookie banner.

  5. You will receive an auto-generated “cookie ID” from Seers.

  6. A message will appear “your Seers Cookie Consent Banner is activated.”


Step 9

  • Go to your website homepage. The banner will appear.