Install cookie consent banner using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

How to install cookie consent banner and privacy policy using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Step 1:

Create an Account on GTM

Step 2:

Click on “Tags” to ribbons in right.

Step 3:

Click on the “New” button

Step 4:

Name it “Seers Cookie Consent”

Then click on the tag

Step 5:

Click on “Custom HTML”

Step 6:

Paste script provided by Then Check “Support document write”

Step 7:

Choose a trigger to fire the GTM tag.

Step 8:

Click the “+” (plus) symbol on the top right corner.

Step 9:

Choose “Domain ID” in the top left corner. Then click a trigger type icon.

Step 10:

Click on “DOM Ready”

Step 11:

Click on the “Save” button on the right top corner to save trigger configuration.

Step 12:

Click the “Save” button to save the tag.

Step 13:

Click the “Submit” button to submit the GTM tag.

Step 14:

Add version Name and description of the tag. Then click the “Publish” button. Your GTM Tag will be published.