How to train yourself on GDPR?

GDPR Training

Train Yourself in GDPR: 

  • Sign in to your Seers account.

1 (9)

  • In your dashboard, select GDPR Staff Training

2 (3)

  • Select the option of ‘Train Yourself.’

3 (2)

  • The page will take you towards the four basic modules for GDPR Staff Training. These modules are: 
    1. Minimise
    2. Anonymise

    3. Secure 

    4. Delete

4 (2)

  • Select each module to read the course content. Complete all sections of each module to unlock the next module.
  • Each module is further divided into four parts. Please select the first part to get started and follow the same order for each part. 

5 (1)

  • Once you have completed all four parts in a single module, click on the next module and follow the same process. In order to proceed, you need to provide answers to each question by reading the above example.  
6 (1)
  • Follow the guidance under each module to complete the training course. 
  • Once you have completed all four modules, you will be required to complete the assessment.

7 (1)

  • In order to complete the assessment, you need to provide the correct answers to all the questions and confirm. If the answer is true, you can move to the next question by clicking on the Next button. 

8 (1)

  • After you have completed the training and passed the assessment with a 90% score, you will then be prompted to receive your certificate. 

9 (2)

  • You can receive the certificate through an email or as an option to download it to your system.