How to get-code for a domain?

What are the steps for manual and plugin installation?

Step: 1

Login to your seersco account and go to dashboard. 

Step: 2

Select your domain and go to the option of "get-code"

Step: 3

In the get-code window you get two options for installation: Manual and Plugin.

Step: 4

Then, go to the Get code option into the dashboard and copy the cookie consent banner script code

The code will look like this: 

<script data-key="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" data-name="CookieXray" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step: 5

To activate the cookie banner on your subdomain, you need to paste the same code into the head of your subdomain too. 

Step: 6

The root domain banner will be shown on your sub-domain as well. 


The feature is valid for websites that have similar tracking technologies. So our scanner finds cookies in the root domain and it works on all subdomains.