How to create a cookie policy for my website?

Generating a cookie policy for the website:

Creating a custom cookie policy can be quick and easy with Seers. You can scan your website for cookies and automatically generate a cookie policy for your website. 

Follow these steps to create a cookie policy:

Step 1. Sign up/sign in for Seers account. 

Step 2. Head to your Dashboard

Step 3. In your dashboard, click on the Policy option. 

Step 4. Customise the content of the cookie policy. 

Step 5. Preview and generate the cookie policy. 

You can now copy the text and paste it within your privacy policy or as a separate page on your website. You can then go ahead and link it to your cookie banner. By clicking on the Download button you can also download your cookie policy. 

To learn about how to add a cookie policy link to your cookie banner, click here