How to add the domain and scan for cookies?

What does the Domain Manager do?

Cookie scanning is the automatic process that occurs once a month, once a week, or once a day, based on the scanning frequency selected by Cookie Information. A list of cookies identified on the website is the outcome of a scan.

Scan Frequency

Scan frequency refers to how often cookie Information scans the domain on a regular basis. 

What is the procedure for using the scanner?

The scanner is a web crawler that goes over your website, page by page, looking for cookies. When a domain is added to the Cookie Information Platform, the scan begins and can take up to 24-48 hours to complete. 

How to scan the website? 

Follow these simple steps to scan your websites against cookies and other tracking technologies: 

Step 1- Sign Up for Seers account.

Step 2- Go to your dashboard and select ‘Consent Management Platform.You will land on the ‘domain manager’ of this product. 

Step 3- In order to run your ‘cookie scan’ or begin using the Consent Management Platform, please click on the ‘Add domain’ button. 

Step 4- You will have to enter the following information: 

  1. The ‘name of your domain
  2. Pick a ‘scan frequency
  3. Your ‘email’ 

Step 5- Once satisfied with the information entered above, please click on the ‘save’ button. 
Step 6- Now you can track the scan results with the help of the following features below: 

  • The ‘Scan status’ button can be used to check the progress of the scan.
  • ‘Report details’ can be used to see details of the scan for your website.

Step 6- In order to make changes to the information added regarding your domain please choose: 

  • The ‘Edit basics’ button can be used to edit details related to the domain.
  • Alternatively, if you wish to remove a domain you can choose the ‘delete domain’ button that can be used to delete the domain inside your domain manager. 

For step-by-step guidance on Domain Manager Functions, please see this video.