How can I create my policy?

Seers Policy Pack offers a wide range of data protection policies for websites and organisations such as cookie policy, consent policy, data protection policy, mobile app policy, privacy policy, CCTV policy etc. 

Seers Policy pack is divided into three subcategories. 

  • Data protection policies for website
  • Data protection policies for organisations, and
  • Human Resource

You can browse the required policy from the above-mentioned categories. 

Steps to create a policy: 

  • Sign in to your account with Seers. 

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In your dashboard, select Policy Pack

Step to create a policy: 

  1. In your Policy Pack, choose the required policy for your website or organisation. 

  2. You can create your policy by clicking on the Start Now button. 
  3. To generate your policy, complete the required information and answer some questions in each part. 
  4. Once you complete all the information and see your progress 100%, click on the Submit button. 
  5. Your policy will be generated. Now you can view it by clicking on the Preview button. 
  6. You can also download and email your policy. Click on Retry to create it again.