Action required to update your old scripts

How to update cookie consent banner script on your domain?


Sign in to your Seers' account. 


Step 2.

From Seers privacy and consent management solutions, simply select cookie consent.  


Step 3. 

Click on the setting icon of your added domain. 

Cookie_Consent_-_5 (1)

Step 4. 

Then, go to the get code option in your dashboard, and copy the cookie consent banner script. The script code looks like this: 

<script data-key="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" data-name="CookieXray" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

In the end, replace the old script from your sebsite's HTML head code with the new cookie consent banner's script. Your banner will be updated with the latest settings. 

Step 5. (For Subdomain's Activation)

In case your subdomains share the same cookies as your parent domain, you can show the same cookie consent banner on the subdomains.

Let's learn how you can do it! 

To update Seers cookie consent solutions on your subdomain

  1. Simply click on the setting option of your relevant subdomain
  2. Then, go to get code option in your dashboard and copy your subdomain's cookie consent banner script.
  3. Now, replace the old cookie consent banner script in the html head tag of your subdomain with the latest script. That's it! 


Please repeat the step 5 for all subdomains. 

Old script will stop working on 30th June 2022.