Frequently asked questions about GDPR Staff Training.

What do we gain from getting trained?

GDPR requires the employees to know what kind of data they are handling, its impact, how long they can store it, what to do in case of a breach and what kind of rights users hold related to their data.

Staff training gets you trained about all of it.

What does the training involve?

Staff training involves a 'Train Yourself" module to get yourself trained and a "Train Your Staff' module to train the number of employees you paid for. It offers a training session, a certificate, a dashboard to add your staff and monitor their scores and progress.

How is the Staff training like?

It has a procedural interactive session that trains your staff in a very simple and interactive way by reading and participating. It leads to a final assessment and on that basis, a certificate is generated.

How many times can I get the training?

You can retake the training as many times as you want until you get a score to get a certificate.

How long the certificate is valid?

The certificate will be valid for 2 years.