Consent Log

When you enable the consent log feature, Seers logs and maintains user consent and the information needed to search up user choices in case you need to show consents to the authorities. 

Why should I use consent log? 

It is the requirement of the laws, and website operators must be able to demonstrate user consent to comply with GDPR. It states that; 

"Where the processing is based on the data subject's consent, the controller should be able to demonstrate that the data subject has given consent to the processing operation." 

What information Seers stores about the user consent? 

Seers only keeps the information needed to display the user's choices. The following is a complete list of the data that has been stored: 

  • User ID
  • IP address 
  • Preferences 
  • Geolocation 
  • Date and Time of the consent 
  • URL  

A detailed dashboard shows you who is visiting your website, what their preferences are, and the analytics of banner transactions that have been performed over time. With an exportable report containing full cookie consent records, you can demonstrate your GDPR and CCPA compliance.