Consent Frequency

How to add the consent expiry date and what is the requirement of laws on using consent frequency? 

The Consent Frequency feature enables you to specify the duration a user's consent should be kept. 

This option is used to set the number of days after which consent given by the end-user automatically expires within the specific days. 

In other words, if the user accepted or denied cookies, they will see the Cookie Banner again after this number of days. 

What is the requirement of laws on using consent frequency? 

Cookie consent should be renewed at least once a year (as per the ePrivacy Directive) or on a regular basis according to your local data protection authority's standards (DPA). 

For example, the Irish DPC and the French CNIL, recommend that consent be requested again after no more than six months. 

The GDPR does not establish a time limit for how long consent will be valid, you should determine a renewal period in accordance with your DPA's standards. 

Q: 1 How can I change the consent expiry date?  

  • Login to your dashbard
  • In the dashboard, select 'Customize.
  • Go to the 'Preferences' feature. 
  • Pick the consent expiry limit from the drop-down list. 


  • Check the frequency of your consent, for example, if you have selected "monthly", the banner won't appear for a month when user gives consent. You can set it to "always" if you want it to appear shortly after every visit. 
  • Another reason can be, you forgot to turn on the banner toggle from dashboard, see the video guide below. 


Please keep in mind that after 12 months, the Seers' cookie banner will automatically renew consent (the banner will reappear and the user will be asked for new consent). 

We provide the expiration dates for cookies (ranging from days to years), the consent will be renewed as needed after 12 months, regardless of the individual cookies' expiration dates.