Test and Assessment

The test

  • There are four main components of the GDPR Staff Training Solution. These include: 
    • Minimise
    • Anonymise
    • Secure 
    • Delete
  • In each module there are various sections. Each ‘section’ covers the main areas of staff data handling and can be further broken down into smaller chunks. 
  • Once complete, you will then be able to take a ‘final assessment’. The assessment then allows you to prove compliance with the GDPR.
  • Each section ‘unlocks’ once you have covered the basics within the previous section. 
  • Once you complete a section, you will be able to move on to the next section of the training. Initially, the rest of the sections are locked. 
  • Once all modules are covered, and upon scoring 90% in the assessment, you will then receive a certificate of completion, demonstrating that you are compliant under the GDPR. 


Retaking the test

Users may take ‘endless retakes’ in order to successfully complete the training.