How you got started, and what is your mission?

Seers was founded in London in 2018 and is now with a team spread around the globe. The Seers Privacy Management Platform incorporates years of deep expertise and industry leadership globally to help organisations continually build and enhance comprehensive privacy programs while adapting alongside the changing privacy structures. 

We are incessantly helping businesses in achieving compliance all around the globe and currently manage 1.2 bn+ users’ consent worldwide, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. Our mission to protect data privacy has saved 50,000 organisations from regulatory fines and provided legal grounds for processing users' personal data. 

Seers Consent Management Platform (CMP) is established to assist all parties in the digital advertising chain to comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive when processing personal data or accessing and storing information on a user’s device. 

What are the main services we offer?

Seers’ market-leading privacy and consent management solutions include: 

Cookies Consent Management 

Cookie Consent Management enables websites of all sizes to obtain user consent for collecting and processing their personal data through cookies and other tracking technologies and informing data subjects about the purpose of managing their data. 

It scans the website and automatically detects the risks of categorising cookies and other tracking technologies. It generates a custom preference centre that enables visitors to select which cookies and tracking technologies they want to enable or disable. 

It automatically blocks tags, third-party cookies, banners, and trackers until the visitor gives consent and optionally allows traditional blocking methods such as tag management integration, cookie blocking, etc. 

Find all the documentation and step-by-step guide on cookie consent management here

Policy Pack & Certification

The Seers Policy Pack facilitate businesses with full customisation & total control of their legal compliance obligations under privacy regulations. 

It contains policies drafted by Expert Lawyers for businesses that need to ensure compliance and enable them to create, publish, verify or attest the correct policies and procedures. 

We have saved 50,000+ companies from regulatory fines, and 10,000+ companies have generated their policies and helped businesses to ensure that they are compliant by providing a wide range of policies such as Data Breach Policy, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and many others. 

How to create a policy with Seers' policy generator click here

GDPR Staff eTraining

Seers GDPR Staff eTraining solution is an online, interactive, modular-based training course that enables organisations to train their staff under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Designed by the World’s leading privacy regulations experts.

It extends to the staff and their need to be aware of the risks involved in processing personal data and how to mitigate those risks. Organisations need to be able to prove their staff have been trained & understand the basics of Data Protection & GDPR.

The legal requirements set out by the GDPR have made such training a best practice for all organisations. Most employees just need to be aware of the risks in their specific situation and the key points of GDPR. 

Find all the information related to the course, training durations, and certifications click here