How to apply prior consent?

Seers 'prior consent feature' blocks the scripts and cookies until a website visitor gives consent. 

Steps to apply prior consent: 

  • In your dashboard, select 'preferences.
  • Enable the toggle 'Apply prior consent.'


  • If you want to setup this feature simply click on 'Enable Now,' else click 'Enable later.'


  • 'Enable Now' button will take you to the 'script manager.

What does the script manager do? 

When you add a new domain, our scanner finds the script which has all the tracking technologies on your website including cookies, beacons, pixels, etc. By using the script manager functionality, you can restrict what scripts or cookies you want to run till the consent is given. 

  • You can switch on/off the toggles to enable/disable your scripts and cookies you want to block till the consent is given.   
  • You can also create your own scripts by clicking on the 'Add New' button. 
  • You can change certain things by editing script titles, some purposes, or categories. 


For more details, please watch this video.